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Utility Park and Zoo

Utility Park and Zoo
4th Street and Pomeroy

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Utility Park and the Zoo has been a favorite family entertainment spot for many generations. It has a very interesting background since the days when people worked to create the park as a way of paying their utility bills.

Since its beginning the park has been supported and maintained by the Public Utility Commission without any tax funds being expended on maintaining the park. Public Utility employees have spent many hours creating the unique and popular children's playground, the impressive Christmas decorations that are being expanded each year and the zoo itself. Much of the playground equipment is from donations made by individuals. There are also many dedicated and faithful volunteers that help with the zoo.

The Public Utility Commission has recently acquired acres west of the park to allow future growth and expanded park facilities.

The addition of the zoo has been a source of pleasure for local residents as well as for visitors to Clay Center. You can go through the park anytime and see local as well as out of town visitors enjoying the zoo, children playing or families having a picnic.

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