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Space Farms Zoo And Museum

Space Farms Zoo And Museum
218 Route 519


Space Farms originated in 1927 when Ralph and Elizabeth Space bought the first 1/4 acre of a complex that now expands to more than 400 acres. What began as a small general store, repair shop, and a wild animal shelter, grew to become New Jersey's largest combined zoo andmuseum. The Space's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren continue the family tradition of conserving wildlife and preserving American history.


Offspring of hard times soon after the zoo began, the Great Depression hit the Country, and the local farmers were not spared. Still needing supplies and repairs, the farmers would "pay" with their family heirlooms: old firearms, dolls, wicker cradles and other items of local Americana. The antiquities were given in good faith; all agreed that the items would be given back when better days came and bills could be paid. In the meantime, they were placed on the walls of the general store. Soon, visitors would stop by to see the animals and the antiques . . . and this was the beginning of Space Farms Zoo and Museum.

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