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Pocatello Zoo

Pocatello Zoo
2900 South 2nd Avenue

Mission Statement

The Pocatello Zoo will develop, improve, manage, and maintain facilities and programs to increase the public's knowledge of and appreciation for native North American Wildlife.

The zoo is dedicated to educating and motivating the public to become active stewards of the environment through their support of habitat preservation and wildlife conservation worldwide.

A Haven and a Sanctuary

Bison, cougars, eagles, pronghorn and grizzly bears are some of the animal species featured at our unique Zoo. The Pocatello Zoo has been a haven and sanctuary for native North American species for 80 years. The animals exhibited at the Zoo were injured, orphaned, imprinted on humans or captive born. In any case, they would not survive in the wild. For these reasons they have become ambassadors for their kind, helping educate the public about wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

The Pocatello Zoo has roots dating back to 1932.  It began with two tiny wire pens holding 12 year old John Marshall's pet monkey and raccoon.  After a period of time it became a placement resource for native animals that were orphaned or injured.

The Pocatello Zoo provides a unique opportunity to learn about native wildlife through exhibits, storytelling, classes, and other family programs.

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