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Phillips Park Zoo

Phillips Park Zoo
1000 Ray Moses Drive


            In 1915 The Phillips Park Zoo was established, 1916 The Birdhouse was built with a glass roof at a cost  $1,600.1933 The Birdhouse was wrecked by a hailstorm. 1985 The new Birdhouse opened in May.1920 The zoo had 5 black bears,  10 monkeys, 6 elk, 3 buffalo, 2 foxes, 1 woland 1 deer, in addition to hundreds of    birds of   every description.1992.

In 1992 The pillars at the zoo entrance were constructed in April and dedicated on June 28. The entrance wall,consisting of stone letters that read "Phillips Park Zoo", was built and installed in the fall. Sculptor Steve Weitzmanwas commissioned by the Aurora Public Art Commission to design the entrance pillars, which are decorated with American Black Bears on top, and animal sculptures on the sides. On each pillar there were three insets designed, one of a four-horned sheep, one of a fox and the other a swan, each on a different side of the pillar.2005 Mountain Lion Exhibit opens.2006 Reptile House renovation completed.2007 New Zoo entrance arch constructed.


It is our mission at the Phillips Park Zoo to provide a safe environment where students and visitors can gaina better understanding of the animal world and its environment through recreation and education, as well as providing
professional care for the animals housed at the zoo, while promoting a positive image of the zoo and surrounding park, enhancing the quality of life.

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