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LEO Zoological Conservation Center

LEO Zoological Conservation Center
404 Taconic Road

LEO Zoological Conservation Center is a non-profit refuge for rare, threatened, and endangered animals, with a focus on breeding species at risk. We are dedicated to protecting these treasured creatures and to educating and inspiring others, in order to save the animals of today for the people of tomorrow.

Deeply committed to sustainable conservation, LEO ZCC also offers its members, students and special cause groups the unique opportunity to see and interact with some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful animals and discover how the center is working to preserve nature’s precious balance.


The founders the purchased property in Connecticut in 1994 with the idea of building a state-of-the-art equestrian facility, and Lionshare Farm was born.  This land, once a golf course, grew into a world-renowned show barn for horse and rider alike, aided by the reputation of Peter Leone, an Olympic Medalist.

Full-time development of the Zoological Conservation Center had its start in 2005, with careful long-range planning, to create a conservation center for animals.  Its location on the 100 acre Lionshare property in Greenwich/Stamford, CT, makes it perfectly situated for what is essentially a wildlife preserve, as it is bordered by many acres of protected state land.

Over the years, the center has developed into a thriving organization. Structures have been dedicated to veterinary care, quarantine, acclimation, observation, and administration. Everything has been designed to enhance the health and well-being of the animals’ bodies and minds. Even though “lion” is part of our name, ironically there are no lions at Lionshare Farm or the conservation center! The name comes from leone, meaning “lion” in several languages and the last name of Founder and Director Marcella Leone and her husband, Peter.


To share our animal world so that

learning is a joyful experience,

caring is a genuine concern,

and acting on their behalf

becomes a priority for us all.

Learn…Care… Act

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