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Clyde Peeling's Reptiland

Clyde Peeling's Reptiland
18628 US Route 15

Reptiland is a specialized zoo that introduces visitors to the less-loved members of the animal kingdom in a safe, entertaining format. Explore the world of mambas, cobras, vipers, pythons and other rare and beautiful snakes. Giant alligators, gentle tortoises, curious lizards and colorful frogs also await discovery on this zoological adventure. An exciting multi-media show reveals the close-up world of reptiles on the big screen and live lecture demonstrations offer guests the chance to touch harmless specimens and speak with friendly experts.   Daily feedings offer a glimpse of natural behaviors and innovative interactive exhibits involve visitors in the learning experience. Test your reptile knowledge with Lizard Wizard and Turtle Trivia, spin a zoetrope to discover how sidewinder rattlesnakes move across hot sand or touch casts of reptile skins to feel the differences between turtles, crocodilians and snakes.

Reptiland is truly a year-round attraction. The newly renovated indoor exhibit complex allows comfortable viewing of more than 40 species in recreated natural habitats. During summer months tortoises and aquatic turtles live in outdoor habitats among lush gardens where ornamental grasses, bamboo and flowering perennials abound. A visit to Reptiland explodes common myths and inspires scientific curiosity. This world-class specialized zoo offers an unparalleled educational adventure for the whole family! The average Reptiland visit requires about 90 minutes and it's best to arrive just prior to a show. The exhibits are self-guided and there is no limit to the length of a visit.

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