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California Living Museum

California Living Museum
10500 Alfred Harrell Highway

The California Living Museum exists to display and interpret native California animals, plants, fossils and artifacts to teach a respect for all living things through education, recreation, conservation and research. Located on 14 park-like acres, CALM's zoo features over 80 species of medically unreleasable animals. Only animals injured or who cannot survive in their native environment are housed at CALM. Natural exhibits include: an open black bear exhibit, bird of prey exhibit with hawks, owls and eagles, a mammal round that houses bobcats, and several species of foxes, a waterfowl pond with resident mallards attracts spring and fall migrants, deer yard, an underground reptile house, and a contact area with domestic animals. Several endangered species may be seen on exhibit.

The path through CALM takes you through several replicated plant communities. Walk through the "Trees of California". Follow the stream through a riparian habitat. See brilliant flower blossoms in the desest community that belie its usual drabness. The butterfly and hummingbird garden attracts these insects and small birds with ongoing and colorful blooms.

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