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3 Palms Zoo and Education Center

3 Palms Zoo and Education Center
924 Blackbird Forest Road

3 Palms is Delaware's only Rescue Zoo & Education Center! We are not a typical commercialized Zoo. We are a non-profit rescue & education center. During your visit guests embark on an educational exposure to exotic, wild, domestic, and agricultural animals in a natural woodland surrounding. Chickens and Geese freely roam the grounds giving you an experience like no other. We offer hand feeding and petting of domestic animals such as; Llamas, Alpaca, Goats, Ducks, Sheep, Donkey, Pigs & Mini Pigs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, and an Emu.  

3 Palms also houses non-releasable wild animals for educational purposes such as: a Raccoon, Opossums, Groundhog, Skunks, Turtles, Screech Owls, Silver & Red Foxes, Turkey Vultures, Common Raven, Fish & American Crows, Snow & Canada Geese, Wild Turkeys. Each of these species resides in his or her own habitat designed for their own special needs.

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